Murray’s Market

In addition to full-scale take-home meals, the retail store will feature Murray Street’s signature charcuterie – cuts of local and in-house meat, cheeses, preserves, and an array of pickled yummies. Stop by for a hunk of cheese or a charcuterie platter to impress the in-laws. With some seating available, Murray’s Market will be the place to grab an Equator* coffee and a light breakfast or a beastly sandwich and watch the market mayhem go by. “I think what I’m most excited about”, says Steve “is the butchery. As a trained butcher, I will have the space I need to butcher and cure several meats at a time like sausages, and hams for take home or for sandwiches made-to-order.” When Paddy and Steve opened Murray Street Kitchen in June 2008, people asked whether Ottawa was ready for an establishment so committed to local fare. “This region has such a wealth of hard-working farmers but until we started featuring and profiling them, they weren’t very well-known” says Paddy. Murray Street Kitchen set out to change that and after two great years the proof is in the pudding – Ottawa is not only ready for it, but many are craving this back- to-basics, local, hardy fare.


Says Paddy, “It’s fantastic that people are asking questions about where their food comes from and how it’s grown and raised. We can answer those questions because we have a direct relationship with the farmers. No need for the middle-man, lengthy transportation, and industry mystery meat.” Murray Street Kitchen has been an innovator in acknowledging farmers and producers on the menu – it’s an idea that has really taken hold in Ottawa and has the appreciation of local farmers. These farmers and producers, who often have to rely on the unpredictable and seasonal sales of outdoor market stalls are equally excited about bringing the market indoors and upscale. “Support local farmers, buy local, that’s it’s what the farmers need. Some grocery stores have so many hands trading off produce from unknown sources that the source is forgotten, Murray’s will ensure that it’s only one hand to you, one hand from us.” Matt “Spicolli” Vandenberg, Rideau Pines Farm

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